Earn up to $720 per patient, per year

Remote Patient Monitoring expands your reach, allowing practices to treat immobile, isolated, and geographically distant patients. With Medicare reimbursements, practices could expect to bring in up to $720 per patient, per year.

  • Avoid or shorten hospital stays
  • Allocate more resources to seriously ill patients
  • Increase patient safety
  • Increase revenue by maintaining contact or reaching new patients
  • Improve patient outcomes with real-time vitals and measurements

...all without the risk of spreading infection.

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Save time, save lives, and save money

CGM Remote Patient Monitoring saves you time and money by collecting data from your patients' health monitoring devices for ease of access and immediate review. Physicians will know immediately if something has changed or requires attention, and patients will supply real-time health information using the secure, cloud-based mobile app.

Remote Patient Monitoring Features

Real-time data and patient vitals
Secure, cloud-based access
Bluetooth pulse

Automated doctor-patient integration
Compatible with CGM ELVI Telemedicine

CGM Remote Patient
Monitoring & COVID-19

The CGM Remote Patient Monitoring platform is compatible with an assortment of health devices. CGM will provide your patients with a CGM Pulse Oximeter so that you can continue to stay up-to-date on their vitals while maintaining social distance.

With remote patient monitoring, staff can continue to monitor a patient's blood-oxygen level, which is a key metric of an onsetting case of COVID-19. Improve the care offered to patients outside the doctor's office or hospital with the CGM Pulse Oximeter.

Ensure the health of your patients, yourself, and your team with CGM Remote Patient Monitoring.

Originally developed for the remote monitoring of older patients with moderate to severe chronic illnesses, CompuGroup Medical offers this solution for health and social services to increase access to care and to limit the spread of infectious disease.

Remotely monitor vitals and health values such as the oxygen saturation of the blood, pulse, blood pressure, and body temperature.

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